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Get Coaching . Get Clarity. Get Empowered. Get Results 

 AMG Help Women Leaders Who "Feel Stuck" Build the Needed Confidence & Capabilities to "Show Up" with Passion & Power in All Possibilities


Are You READY To Move From

Fear & Frustration to Flowing

Conflicted & Confusion to Clarity

Stagnant & Struggling to Strategy

Exhausted to Energized  

Regrets to Results 

Overwhelmed  to Overjoyed & Optimistic

Fed Up & Furious to Fascination with Life 

Questions To Consider When Deciding If Coaching Is Right For You 

How happy am I overall with my current reality?

Do I know what I REALLY want in life?

Am I on track to attain what I REALLY want in life?

What will increase my life’s joy, passion and purpose?

What type of life do I desire to lead?

What is limiting or holding me back?


Avery Moana Group (AMG) is rooted in a higher level of consciousness, courage, empowerment, and grit to invest in the lives of people, particularly leaders, who desire to make a meaningful difference in the world! The mission of AMG is to inspire the impossible during pivotal moments of change, growth and transformation!  Kim understands making the first step towards change is often the hardest, but most critical part of the journey.  


AMG support women leaders with awareness, tools, knowledge, and skills to live an unrestrained life, unleash potential, and pave their way towards both personal and professional success. 



Kim is an Experienced Professional. She has over two decades of significant leadership expertise with an award-winning track record leading at Fortune 20 companies. As Avery Moana Group's (AMG) founder & lead coach, Kim has led high-performance teams from 10 to 1000+ people, delivering consistent top-rank outcomes in the interest of people and performance.


Kim is a Core Energy Coach. She is an authentic motivator, influencer, collaborator and co-designer. She has the natural ability to dig deep with compassion, challenge through curiosity, see the highest potential in others, and empower the achievement of the most highest aspirations. Kim’s depth and breadth of skills, influence, and expertise vibrate at all levels within an organization. These skills include leadership development, change management, strategy creation, execution, and performance optimization, all while gaining a high level of trust, commitment, and respect with people. As a relational & transformational leader, Kim understand the value of people, authentic relationships, and strategic alliances, all of which she believe are fundamental differentiators to producing measurable, sustainable performance outcomes.


Kim is a Scholar Practitioner. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and an MBA from Ohio Dominican University. As a lifelong learner, Kim has participated in prestigious executive education programs at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and Cornell University. Kim is a certified change management practitioner through ProSci. As of Summer 2020, she will be a credentialed professional coach through the rigorous program at iPEC - Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. Kim is a chapter member of the ICF - International Coaching Federation. As well, Kim is earning a Doctorate (EdD), with a concentration in organizational leadership from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Kim believes in empowering and serving the community, as she actively serves in leadership capacities in community organizations.


Combining her passion for people, leadership empowerment, professional experience, and advanced academic background, Kim coaches motivated individuals to accelerate their lives, careers, commitments, and become better leaders in an increasingly complex world. Kim effortlessly bring her signature presence, energy, values, passion, creativity, and discerning wisdom to any given moment with her clients.



It's Your Journey, How Far Will You Go? Let's Journey Together! 



Committed to Quality & Measurable Outcomes


Dedicated to Shared Growth & Breakthroughs 


Superior Guidance, Clarity, & Self Awareness

What Are You Looking to Accelerate?

Female Developers


Coach Kim is a dynamic strategic planner and workshop facilitator. She has an uncanny ability to quickly and deeply connect with her audience, motivating and engaging each participant to critically think and contribute to the future and how to accelerate to the next level. With her in-depth knowledge, gravitas, down-to-earth demeanor, organizational skills, and interactive style, teams can expect a worthwhile experience and walk away equipped with clear takeaways, execution plans, and next step actions to charge forward. 


Kim’s strategic planning and workshop are inspired by her unique blend of energy, passion, intelligence, and authenticity. Kim is an energetic source for asking empowering questions, challenging others, creating space for aha moments, and facilitating strategy meetings to deliver on the intended outcome. Whether you are seeking a customized workshop or a defined content delivery, Coach Kim is ready to partner with you!

Let's Create Together!


Group Coaching is a judgment-free, safe space for those who seek wisdom, collaboration, and support from compatible individuals, all guided through the facilitation, co-creation direction of coach Kim Avery. Even the most successful and capable individuals, run into obstacles, leading to stress, reduced satisfaction, and often diminished confidence and self-esteem. We all need support and a safe place where we can receive motivation, a place to process, and learn key insights about ourselves to operate and produce at our highest potential - consistently. Group coaching involves working as a collective to reflect, identify, modify behaviors, create new thinking patterns, as you develop self- accountability skills to serve you better for sustainable results.

Two Women


Clients are benefiting and winning from the transformative, empowering and one-of-a-kind services offered by Avery Moana Group! One on One Coaching is a confidential, judgment-free, safe space for those who seek more in-depth exploration, motivation, inspiration, and desire more higher conscious living. Kim will partner with you to uncover your passion, release any limiting beliefs or mental blocks, raise your level of self-awareness, transfer knowledge & life skills, teach new competencies. As well, this experience will improve your confidence, outlook, decision making, know-how, and ultimately accelerate your performance, all leading to an improved quality of life.


Life is to Experienced and Explored, and to Participate Fully! Yet at times, we need help getting out of our way to achieve all that we are destine to do and be! Coach Kim will support you in your journey

Are you ready to get started? Join the ranks of satisfied clients today.



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Are you’re seeking to make a big impact in your personal or professional life, perhaps a dramatic change in perspective is needed, or looking to take your leadership capabilities to the next level? Search no further, AMG is here to support you as our #1 goal is to achieve yours! Fill out the form below and let's get started!


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